Dr. Esther Mahlangu

Rolls Royce
7 May 2020

Celebrated South African Dr. Esther Mahlangu began her illustrious life as an artist from an early age. Now, her geometric artworks that blend traditional Ndebele culture with the modern world are highly desired by a range of global clientele.


Dr. Mahlangu’s steady hands paint with practised precision gained from over 70 years of careful study, releasing lively geometric patterns born from her imaginative palette. Her artworks exhibit traditional symbolism from her culture, celebrating and immortalising birth, death, and weddings amongst the vibrant pigments and polished lines of her paintings.


As a highly revered African artist, 84-year-old Dr. Mahlangu’s artworks breathe life into her culture as she works tirelessly to preserve it, mentoring students in the traditional style of Ndebele design at her art school in the Mpumalanga province.


As one of many testaments to her achievements, her work lives on in a singular bespoke #RollsRoycePhantom, the Mahlangu Phantom. Watch the full #InspiringGreatness episode to learn more of Dr. Mahlangu’s process: https://bit.ly/2yVUs4W