Restone Maambo navigates his ancestry and experiences with ‘Kusololwa Amumuni’, the call from the ancestors to become a sangoma or spiritual healer, through his artistic practice.


Traditional healers are considered to be the safeguards of tradition and culture and despite his decision to follow his passion for art rather than to become a spiritual healer, this is something that he takes very seriously.


Perhaps it is the innate spirituality that the elders recognised in Restone at an early age that gives his paintings their unique almost meditative and healing quality that captivates the viewer. 


Restone was brought up by his mother and his respect and appreciation of femininity and womanhood stems from this positive relationship and features strongly in his works. He often paints woman in what appears to be a spiritual meditative state and the viewer feels touched to have been included into what is a very intimate and personal moment.


Symbols and subject matter from every day life, and images inspired from the Old Testament interact with the sacred traditions and ceremonies of his ancestors creating an inimitable artistic interpretation of his life in Zambia and what lies beyond it.


His artworks are created using acrylic impasto paint, varnish layering, collage and mixed media which are often applied to large canvases.


Restone has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Africa and abroad. He is swiftly developing a strong global collectors base.