“The spirit of the Zulu nation, my ancestors and our Kings and Queens, our history, and age old customs and traditions, the beauty of my homeland, our cattle, my dreams and visions and the captivating sounds of Zulu rhythm and harmonies they tell their stories through my hands and my voice"


Ndabuko Ntuli, or 'the master of trash' as he has been affectionately dubbed, is a creative polymath.


Ndabuko is a painter and a sculptor, he is also a musician with numerous recorded albums to his name, an actor and a spiritual healer. 


All of these talents manifest themselves in his powerful artworks which are created from trash, found objects, paint and other mixed media. 


His extraordinary understanding of 3 dimensional form allow him to create artworks that when viewed from close look abstract in nature but from which realistic figures emerge when seen from a distance.


Ndabuko works from Alexandra Township in Johannesburg, one of the poorest areas in South Africa, and yet he says that the energy of life in this urban sprall and the community are a fertile breading ground for his creativity.