Meet Artist Ndabuko Ntuli, Making Art Out Of Gomora Trash

Ndabuko Ntuli

The streets of Gomora might be littered with trash but Ndabuko Ntuli is turning it all into works of art.


If this is not the entrepreneurial essence of the people of Gomora, I don’t know what is?


In combination with his artistic talent, Ntuli is a Maskandi music artist with five albums behind his name and has worked along the best respected musicians in the country.


He is also a practicing traditional healer using bone throwing as his main divination medium.


Ntuli was groomed for his artistic journey at an early age as he was surrounded by Zulu dance, singing, playing and poetry. Reciting, storytelling and art was part of daily life in his village and his family.

His focus on art followed him all through his education from preschool to high school. He moved to Gomora where he began developing his craft at the Alexandra Art Center for less advantaged artists.


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26 Mar 2020