Turning inwards, infinitely: A Q&A with Adejoke Tugbiyele

Creative Feel

Exhibited at the Melrose Gallery from 15 October – 15 November 2020, the artworks on the show were produced in South Africa during a time of intense immersion, and a personal and artistic challenge to confront the unknown, as well as to push the boundaries of Tugbiyele’s primary material – traditional African brooms – in exploration of the human/female/hybrid figure.

     Born in Brooklyn, New York and partly raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Adejoke currently lives and works in NewHaven, Connecticut. Following her time spent making and performing new work in South Africa in 2018 -2019, as well as her current exhibition at Melrose Gallery, Hybrid Spirit, we caught up with the artist to discuss the medium of photography, performative sculpture, visual art as a collaborative practice, and more.  


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21 Oct 2020