Arts plastiques : le dilemme du sculpteur

Adejoke Tugbiyele

The first international sculpture biennial in Ouagadougou highlights the questions of contemporary creators, heirs to a long tradition.

How to sculpt in Africa? The question may seem trivial, it is far from it, and we must recognize the creators of the International Sculpture Biennial of Ouagadougou (Biso, until November 15) the merit of having asked it.


By bringing together 17 young sculptors under the sponsorship of four recognized visual artists - the Burkinabè Siriki Ky, the Cameroonian Barthélémy Toguo , the Senegalese Soly Cissé and the Malian Abdoulaye Konaté -, the photographer Nyaba Léon Ouedraogo and the sales manager of contemporary African art from Piasa, Christophe Person, both created an event that was missing from the continent's art scene and, incidentally, prompted the latter to question its practices. It may not have been the original intention, but the result is there: a series of fundamental questions opening the way for future creations..


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31 Oct 2019