A landscape is politicised through events taking place in: Senzo Shabangu’s ‘ Humble Abode’ exhibition

Fadzai Muchemwa Lifang Zhang

Senzo Shabangu’s exhibition Their Humble Abode opened shortly after the suspension of the first round of recent protests in Makhanda.  


On 24 May, the taxi associations and the Unemployed People’s Movement initiated a protest against the municipality’s poor service delivery, as seen by the potholed roads, irregular water supply, sewage spills, the failure to provide electricity to informal settlements, and so on. The initial three-day shutdown of Makhanda was suspended after a meeting with a provincial government delegation at the 1820 Settlers National Monument. 


What does it mean to draw landscapes and to be an artist at this political moment? Rather than capturing the spectacle, Their Humble Abode responds to the question from a deeper place.




11 Jul 2021