A group show at kó art space Joseph Obanubi, Stephen Tayo, and Edozie Anedu Investigate their Hometown Lagos

Experimenting with new ideas and techniques, the artists' new bodies of work presented in this exhibition, exploring the social and architectural fabric of Lagos.

Landscape Mode is Edozie Anedu’s first foray into what he describes as “imaginative cityscape paintings.” Rather than a complete departure from his previous figurative paintings, Landscape Mode repurposes certain hallmarks of color, line, and form into critiques of urbanization in Lagos.


A great deal of color action takes place in Anedu’s paintings. The most obvious are between the few colors that make up the open skies and numerous shades and tints that distinguish the cramped buildings. In Victoria’s Redemption, the dominating bright red sky intensifies the yellows and blues that reoccur among the houses below it. But the grey and blue skies in August mute the displacements of yellows, green teals, and blacks.

22 Jan 2021