Native Exclusive: Meet Edozie Anedu, The Benin Based Artist Behind Drb’s ‘Pioneers’ Cover Art

I think my story is special. I have the role to break boundaries and connect more people, especially here in Nigeria.

The connection we once had between an album’s music and the physical design isn’t quite as prominent as it used to be in today’s age of instant music. Though we can’t tangibly hold the art like we did when we collected records and CDs, the album cover still remains the face of the songs, even though they currently only exist as a tiny thumbnail in our phone’s music library.


Regardless, this didn’t stop DRB from commissioning Benin-based artist, Edozie Anedu to produce a memorable cover for their long-awaited debut album, ‘Pioneers’. Edozie’s surrealist painting for the DRB cover evokes an emotional resonance that highlights the importance of togetherness and collaboration in Nigeria’s creative scene.


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12 May 2020