UCT Irma Stern Museum

Dr. Esther Mahlangu

Two years ago, a very successful exhibition of works by Esther Mahlangu took place at the UCT Irma Stern Museum. Now, once again, Cape Town will have the opportunity to pay tribute to Esther Mahlangu: South African artist extraordinaire, ambassador, educator, world traveler and beloved grandmother.


Arranging an exhibition of Esther’s work is no easy task as she spends almost as much time abroad as at home. In the two years that have elapsed since her last Cape Town show, she has exhibited in Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland and the USA. At seventy years of age, Esther continues working and teaching, spending her precious time in between international exhibitions at home in Mabhoko in Mpumalanga making art. Apart from making her gallery art, she also makes time to decorate her house in the traditional Ndebele style, attracting visitors from all over the world to her village and her home




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