Art Times

Aza Mansongi

Aza identifies closely with the Congolese school of classical, figurative realism, although her canvases are characterised by colourful abstract backgrounds using flat expanses of colour. She is inspired by daily life and popular culture resulting in powerful, energetic paintings that have a unique African pop art style.


Influenced from an early age by comics purchased by her parents, Aza’s works often include stylised figures with almost a mythical or super hero type feel. Whilst she is addressing important themes that are relevant to herself, her community and the continent of Africa, this is done with an almost palatable sense of humour.


Her main subject matter is people, men and women, often in groups, armed with spectacles, hats, masks, and extravagant make-up and jewellery. And always lively, smiling, noisy, highly expressive, their gestures bordering on mime or clowning...


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