Afro Pop exhibition takes center stage in South Africa

CGTN for the interview
4 Oct 2018

Pop Art is currently experiencing a global revival and the Continent of Africa is taking advantage of this renewed focus and opportunity to present our social commentary in our own unique way. 


‘Afro Pop’ showcases works by Esther Mahlangu, Faatimah Mohamed-Luke, Aza Mansongi, Bastiaan van Stenis, Richard Mason, Gavin Rain, Vusi Beauchamp and Vusi Khumalo. 


The exhibition explores how these artists have been influenced and directed by local socio-political landscapes and narratives, media, technology, fashion and popular consumerism. 


‘Afro Pop’ is an intimate collection of bold works by well-respected names and new contemporaries producing influential and important works with particular reference to popular culture in our continent. Local galleries continue to promote and celebrate the visual language of anarchy of the pop and urban artist, ‘Afro Pop’ provides a marginal but noticeable view into the growing movements within the continent of Africa