In my work I deconstruct that which bothers me and then make a critical comment, using fairy-tales, wordplay, nursery rhymes, illustration and icons, in the hope that I will be able to create some sort of resonance be it positive or negative in whoever engages in the work. I try to use familiar visual images and arrange them into conceptually layered pieces. I have worked in ceramics and wood, but prefer to work in bronze. I like the permenence and durability of it. I am keenly aware of its durability in time, and try to use a universal subject matter rather than a topical one which with date quickly.

Carol Caudwell was born in Germiston in 1968 and grew up in the beautiful surroundings of Magaliesburg. Inspired by her Father’s love for art, she joined the Johannesburg school of Art, Ballet, Drama and Music, first specialising in music and then changing over to art.