Stead`s technical skill and first-hand experience in a multitude of materials and sculpture processes have allowed him to produce work of exceptional quality with high expression and elegance. He continues his work studying the "human condition" and supports the idea that people are generally good and a part of nature rather than separate from it.


While his evocative bronze casts can be seen from the top of the world in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Andre Stead’s work tends to be grounded in the humble form of the human body. A student of the Pro Arte School of Arts in Pretoria who eventually made his way into bronze-casting, this modern sculptor’s work is a constant examination and interrogation of the human form.


Andre Stead, a giant in the world of bronze-cast sculpture, began his illustrious career in the metal-working workshops of the Doyle Art Foundry and the Bronze Age Art Foundry. Here he learned the practical side of metal working while welding it with his life-long passion for artistic expression.


Since finding his artistic voice in his commanding bronze sculptures, he has become an internationally renowned sculptor, organizer and mentor. While his bronze reliefs can be seen inlaid in the marble floors of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, he has never forgotten his roots, and his unique installations can be found in corporate and private collections throughout South Africa.


Stead’s artistic stimulus comes from the human form: exploring how each person is physically and emotionally different to the next and finding the key to understanding our own humanity through this exploration.