Senzo Shabangu South African, b. 1985

As artists, we live on Earth and we are not aliens. We can’t be isolated from the community and our daily lives and issues. I believe we have the power to change the landscape and the view of things. We also play a huge part in documenting our history, especially as black artists.

Senzo Shabangu was born in the village of Driefountein, Mpumalanga, and now resides in Gresswold; he spent a large part of his childhood living at an apostolic mission station. Imagery from this time in his life features regularly in his work.
Shabangu often places city landscapes emerging from below and suspended above his characters creating an almost claustrophobic sense of being surrounded by the city. Within this theme, Shabangu also deals with movement in the city and how people are moved. Many of his works look at how people live and the politics surrounding forced removals.
Senzo Shabangu is a multidimensional artist from Johannesburg whose work explores space, alienation, and identity. Shabangu believes in the importance of social commentary in art, bringing his visions from God to life, exploring power dynamics in art, as well as the importance of paying it forward. He is currently producing works in his new home and his art studio and recently collaborated
with a group of artists at a retreat in Knysna – sharing and experiencing various mediums.