Poet-Musician Eugene Skeef

prophecy of the chosen one (for pitika ntuli – south african sculptor/poet)
January 31, 2021
Poet-Musician Eugene Skeef

prophecy of the chosen one

(for pitika ntuli – south african sculptor/poet)





we are children of the stars

our ancestors perambulate the cosmos

with no intention but to continue

in their dance of infinite being

like notes in an eternal melody

bursting from the cluster

of heavenly harmonies


we met when we were prepared

by the imminent call

to freefall into the lap of rhythm

from where the hands of divination

serve the braided nature of space and time

to nurture us into the fullness

of our creative bestowal


then my soul brother

you descended

on a slender shaft of light

into the hallowed forest

where you re-emerged

in a gourd of the seeding

of our collective memories


and we followed you

for you were the resonator

of our rapture at this dawning

of the fruition of our dream


and we knew that our closeness

would ferment our hopes

to be absorbed into the striations

of your celebratory chant


and so your eloquent fingers

tapped the sap of our belonging

planted as inspirational loci

in the cycle of your orbit


and we danced

among the proud trees

in search of our buried songs

to bring out their embedded promise

so you would also inhale our aspirations


now in the days of withdrawal

into the confines

of our healing meditation

you rise into the capacious dome

to retrieve our twin nature

so that we can refresh

the braided choreography

of umkhathi

the spacetime continuum



almighty healer

you have thrown your bones

in the ritual divination

of the waters that flow

from the hidden source

of our rivers


the mountains that surround

the theatre of your prophecy

are rich with the marrow

of our residual memories


i hear the gathered people ask

where do you hail from

you whose utterances

intone our dawning

with the spittle of the gods

you whose hands

carve poetic litanies

of long shadows

that have swallowed

the ossified legacies

of exhausted songs of evocation


your creations

are cosmic geometrics

made manifest on the plains

of our adventure

as children of the stars


your musings tell us that

there once were violins

strung with the tendons

of predators of our blessings


we watch as you tender

hunched surrogate gods of intuition

draped in the skins of calves

so translucent they reveal the foreboding

of their bare bones


we treasure your inspiration

like corpuscular cosmic droplets

that congregate in the garden

of your ceremonial mornings

as the dew of your innovation





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