Paul Blomkamp | The Artist : The Melrose Gallery

19 Oct - 11 Nov 2018

'I see a sea of a million matrices I find the mind of a modern meadow. There are the secret currents that push and pull us in and out of our shapes and thoughts. Can I ever see clearly and articulately enough to crack these Quantum Ciphers with their taunting shimmer? Like confetti raining in my studio. When I am painting I feel I may be close but when I am not... I am far away... like desert at sea' - Paul Blomkamp

A new solo exhibition by respected painter Paul Blomkamp is set to launch at The Melrose Gallery on the 18th of October.


Paul's detailed works reflect intimate details of electrical activity, layered in colourful intricate patterns and details. Blomkamp experienced a near death experience at a young age and a 'sea of electrical activity' where light presented itself as an immensely bright entity. Blomkamp's deep seated relationship with Quantum Physics developed out of a dire need to understand and become closely affiliated with the 'electric essence' he experienced and to successfully translate his meditative states into a visual format of understanding. 


Blomkamp's paintings are celebrations of energized lines, shapes and spaces that throb and glow with pure, strong colour, existing solely for ways to illuminate the dark and the unknown. 


The Artist's relationship with colour and energized line is an attempt, he maintains, ‘to confront the subconscious, and to expose and bring into the light that mystery, that primal force, that may give us clues, affirmations – that existence on our little planet, spinning in this perplexing Cosmos, is worthwhile and meaningful, after all’.