Wonders Shall Never End: Edozie Anedu

15 Jul - 14 Aug 2022

“Painting is like a conversation for me and every stroke prompts a certain type of response and you just go on, trying to balance the whole equation and at the end a beautiful picture is painted”.

Edozie Anedu is a consummate painter whose spirited color palette the artist subjects to exhilarating experiments which draw from diverse materials and design principles. A prominent feature of his artistic practice is the exploration of self and how an artist’s understanding of the world influences his ability to reflect on social issues and offer timely social commentary.  Anedu’s first solo exhibition Mistakes I Chose to Keep, curated by Wunika Mukan, was held in 2019. He has also participated in notable group exhibitions in the United States (Bill Brady Gallery), the United Kingdom (Unit London)