A FRECKLE PAST A ‘HARE’: Carol Cauldwell

3 - 28 Aug 2022
In my work I deconstruct that which bothers me and then make a critical comment, using fairy-tales, wordplay, nursery rhymes, illustration and icons, in the hope that I will be able to create some sort of resonance be it positive or negative in whoever engages in the work. I try to use familiar visual images and arrange them into conceptually layered pieces. I have worked in ceramics and wood, but prefer to work in bronze. I like the permenence and durability of it. I am keenly aware of its durability in time, and try to use a universal subject matter rather than a topical one which with date quickly.
We take pleasure in presenting A Freckle Past a ‘Hare’, Carol Cauldwell’s first solo with The Melrose Gallery, on the 4 to 28 August as part of our Womxn’s Month celebrations.

Definition of ‘A Freckle Past a Hair’ Said when asked the time, humorously indicating that one does not know or does not care to check.

Carol believes that life should not be taken too seriously. The recent pandemic has made that abundantly clear. She has built a strong following for her whimsical sculptures of animals and people who could have travelled straight from Alice in Wonderland.

This exhibition, presenting over 20 sculptures in Carol’s signature style, including her 5 metre ‘Rabbit’, will be sure to captivate all who experience them.Rabbits, a walrus sea captain, children, dogs and other colourful characters will invite you to ‘jump down the rabbit hole’ with Carol to another world filled with laughter, joy and more than a little bit of carelessness.