On the canvas, he captures scenes of life that represent frozen moments and encapsulate the dynamism of the action of living nature that he interprets. His textured works, which combine painting, collage and drips, stimulate all the spectator's senses. They arouse a series of emotions and invite contemplation but also and above all, reflection.

Visionary, thoughtful as much as intuitive, Mederic Turay uses his talents to participate in raising awareness by telling the most beautiful as well as the hardest stories. This multidisciplinary storyteller lives his art as a privilege and uses a plurality of techniques to create entities, sometimes figurative, sometimes abstract, which become the protagonists of his graphic stories.


His style and the themes he deals with reflect his cosmopolitan life journey and his West African origins. Descendent of a royal family of the Akan people in present-day Côte d'Ivoire, Mederic only got to know his country of origin as a teenager when he returned from the United States where he grew up. His cultural mix which explains his constant quest for balance in duality, influences the way he builds his works.